PROFESSIONAL GOLF 2016          THE BLACK BOOK

Welcome to MT III Golf Media where, in addition to Professional Golf 2016 (our annual fan/media guidebook) and our Black Book series of golf course guides, we also specialize in creating unsurpassed promotional materials for golf facilities of all types. Whether you are a high-volume municipal course, the most exclusive private club, or anything in between, we tailor our work to emphasize those design, playability and historical attributes that make your facility unique.

While I hope you’ll take a look at a description of our services and fees, as well as samples of our historical and course description work, I would be remiss if I didn’t also take a moment to emphasize my absolute, unreserved belief in the quality of what we offer, some highlights of which include:


-- All copy is personally produced by Daniel Wexler and tailored exclusively to your facility, giving your website a level of content and literary quality that will clearly distinguish it from the competition.

-- Our range of internet services is comprehensive, and includes introductory course descriptions, club historical vignettes, profiling of prominent architects and events, detailed (or simple) hole-by-hole playing descriptions, full-sized club historical essays, and much more.

-- Non-internet services include (but are not limited to) creation of copy for print media advertising, press releases and membership communication, and the research and authoring of club histories.

-- Upon payment in full for services rendered, your facility acquires the copyrights for all work purchased, allowing its usage in any additional mediums of the club’s choice (e.g. print advertisements, the production of a yardage book, etc.) into perpetuity.

-- Due to Mr. Wexler’s unique knowledge of course design and golf history, as well as his extensive private research library and computer database, MT III Golf Media can often provide material on your course’s architect, design evolution, past professionals and significant events that the club may not have been previously aware of.

-- We offer complete flexibility. Our listed selection of services and fees provides only a basic framework; let us know your specific needs and we’re happy to customize.

-- We also offer a full range of non-golf websiite services. Looking to enhance food & beverage revenues? Unhappy with the non-golf sections of your site? With experienced country club and advertising professionals on staff, we’re uniquely qualified to spruce up the rest of your website as well.

And most importantly:

-- On all of MT III Golf Media’s standard range of services, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed – or you don’t pay.

From a dollars-and-cents perspective, the internet genuinely is the most effective way to market your facility during these challenging times, and I extend to you my personal commitment to build your website into the very best marketing vehicle possible.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of service, or if you'd just like some complimentary feedback on your site's possibilities.

And thanks for giving us a look!